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Here’s a common scenario: An entrepreneur heard about the wonders of search engine optimization.  He contacted a reputable SEO company that he believed could take his business to the next level of success. They agreed on a budget and started working on an SEO strategy. After one or two months of anticipation, the enthusiastic entrepreneur felt his spirits slump.  Nothing had changed, and he believed that he had wasted his money on his Internet marketing endeavor.

This scene, or slight deviations, play out when people don’t have a good understanding of how SEO works. It is not magic that can bring a windfall of profitability in an instant. Other marketing may yield results in a few weeks, but SEO is different—and you can’t rush it.

SEO: Expect Results—but Not Overnight

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For starters, the SEO company that you hire will need to spend some time researching your market and industry. Once this analysis is complete, they will work with you to create quality content for your website.  There is no boilerplate for good SEO.  What works for one company may not work with another.  Each time SEO companies embark on new campaigns, they are building from the ground up.

When most people think of search engine optimization, they think of keywords, content, and everything in between, but those elements don’t automatically take hold.  It takes time for search engines to key in on them and recognize the authority that you are building.   Search engines must detect the changes and upgrades that you have made, compare the quality with other websites, and stratify you accordingly.

The SEO world crawls at a slow pace because of all of its attendant intricacies and players.  So the best solution is to make the necessary improvements to your website’s structure and then begin link building and outreach to bolster brand awareness.   Then wait patiently for the results to come in.

Within several months, you should see trends toward improved rankings, but don’t expect to be ranked number one just yet.  Watch Google analytics, and make necessary adjustments to improve rankings on individual keywords.  Think of the tortoise and the hare, and don’t worry if you aren’t springing to the finish line overnight.  Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to search engine optimization.