Evergreen content is a favorite tool among blogging and content marketing experts. In the blogging and content marketing world, evergreen content refers to the posts or articles on your blog that have lasting relevance to your audience, as differentiated from topics that change over time.

Creating Evergreen Content

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As an example, when you write content or blogs about the meaning of search engine optimization, you are writing evergreen content because the meaning of SEO is unlikely to change. However, writing content about current SEO practices is non-evergreen because what may be trending today may be obsolete or outdated in the coming years.

From the point of view of content management, writing evergreen content is more effective than writing date-oriented content. The content can be written once and will benefit many readers over a long period of time, reducing the workload of content managers. Evergreen content also serves readers who need the information provided by the content.

Evergreen content must be both relevant and timeless. When writing content, do not assume that your readers are familiar with the subject at hand. You can write effective evergreen content by defining or explaining concepts. Definitions and explanations stay relevant for years to come.

By focusing on evergreen content you’ll gain the benefits of higher search engine rankings. Relevant and timeless content will elevate your site’s search engine rankings more than short-lived articles will.

With increased search engine rankings comes increased traffic. As your search rankings elevate, you will get more visitors. And more visitors means more conversions.

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