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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality of a website to increase the volume of traffic from search engines’ “natural” search results. SEO is a great opportunity for companies, large or small, to pursue increased revenue and growth by driving sales or qualified leads to their website from search engines.

It is well known that search engines are used on a daily basis by millions of people. If you are new to online marketing, don’t worry.

With SEO National as your qualified agency we can guide you through the SEO process, transition you into an effective marketing strategy and grow your company’s online visibility.

Some studies suggest that sites showing up in the top 3 search results get approximately 50% of all the search traffic, and that the entirety of page 1 gets 95%. That is significant business that could be yours if you were #1. Are you #1? Are you in the top 3? Are you even on page 1? If not, the cost of SEO is relatively minimal compared to the amount of growth and sales you could be experiencing with a qualified agency like SEO National.

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Finding an SEO company that will provide you with valuable services is a must. This is a huge decision that can greatly improve your site and business. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly it can also cause serious damage to your sites rankings and online reputation.

To ensure quality control, you need an SEO company that personally optimizes your site. We pride ourselves on following the latest internet marketing trends and we strive to keep ahead of the curve on the latest developments in search engine optimization.

SEO is now a mainstream form of marketing that is a must for most business to stay ahead of their competition these days.

We use innovative, time tested methods to fulfill our SEO clients’ campaigns. This keeps our firm ahead of the competition when it comes to positioning yourself within search results.

How do Google searches work anyway?

When you get into the technical details of a search engine they are quite a complicated beast. Watch the video below and you can hear one of Google’s main engineers, Matt Cutts, break down a Google search.

You may be thinking, “How does an SEO company do what they do?”  Contrary to what many used to think, search engine optimization is more than just stuffing in a bunch of keywords across a website.  As search engines continue to become more intelligent, that “trick” was ruled out nearly a decade ago.  Because of that growing intelligence that search engines continue to acquire, SEO is an ongoing process that involves a variety of elements.  For more detailed information you can visit our page with more specifics about how SEO works.