Much of 2017’s SEO tactics will continue into 2018, but the variables within those tactics will evolve.

2018 SEO tips

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Backlinks will still be valuable, but the emphasis on quality will increase. This means that automated link building (which should have died years ago) will continue to lose value. We’ll likely see some still widely used tactics like blog commenting take a hit in value.

Content will continue to be king, but you’ll need to diversify it. As video continues to gain momentum and attention spans get shorter, rich media will continue to increase in importance.

Businesses or their SEO companies are going to have to diversify or further repurpose their content. Blogs to become infographics, case studies to become videos, etc.

2018 SEO Tips

With an ever-increasing demand for content, businesses need to keep the creative juices flowing. Not only does content need to regularly be created, but it also needs to be scalable. Without a road map, scalability is next to impossible.

Businesses need to take the time to brainstorm a content calendar. Research topics that customers want answers to, that can answer common questions, etc. Create an agenda ahead of time of topics for all of 2018. This content calendar will help guide you to blog weekly, which can then be repurposed into infographics and videos. With a few good weeks of solid research, you can set the pace to propel your website’s SEO in 2018.