The days of pumping out links just to get a lot of backlinks are long gone.  You need an SEO agency that will carefully submit your backlinks to quality controlled resources.  You need a marketing company that submits links based on a plan, not a shotgun approach.

In fact, instead of building links we prefer to focus on acquiring links with quality content, viral infographics, etc.

For links that we do manually submit, we approach with caution.  They are among the items that can help your SEO campaign the most, or hurt it just the same.  We submit links so that you have a diverse portfolio.  In everything that we fulfill at SEO National, diversity is key.  All backlinks are fulfilled in-house and across various website platforms.

A lot of agencies submit large volumes of directory backlinks.  We don’t.  Certain links carry more or less value.  Directories and forum spam are not among those that carry value nowadays.  Again, diversity is key.  Therefore, we submit to all types of websites.  We then break down the process even further so that certain links are allocated a percentage of brand/domain anchor text while others get exact match or keyword variation anchor text.