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Brick-and-mortar businesses, such as retail stores, invest a lot of money, time, and effort into making changes to their storefronts to match each season of the year. In the same light, businesses must invest in renovating their websites to suit different times of the year.

SEO Strategies for Autumn

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SEO strategies vary by season. What works well during one time of year may not have the same effect in another. Fall is between two peak seasons of the year for Internet traffic—summer and the holiday months. It is important that website owners identify the strategies that will work best for their industry during autumn.

The seasonality of an SEO strategy is governed by the way users interact with search engines based on the time of year. Online retailers must identify spikes in product demand. For example, Halloween and Thanksgiving occur during fall. Websites must prioritize products that people buy for these two holidays months ahead of their arrival. Swimwear sold very well during the hot days of the year, but it can be moved to a back burner as the temperatures turn crisp.

Seasonal-driven SEO strategies are not a magic bullet that will instantly bring traffic to a website. SEO entails extensive research, attention to detail, and good content writing. It aims to convince Google that the web page has the elements that customers value most.

You may never know when changes to Google’s algorithm are coming, but fortifying your website with basic on-page optimization is a good start. Afterwards, focusing on seasonal gravy trains can bring a big boost to your cashflow.