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Because searchers’ queries change depending on the time of the year, it’s important to adapt your SEO strategies to fit the demands of the season. Online retailers and their SEO companies should aim to fit their keywords to the holiday season. Your keywords should be based on the types of products and services that your company offers for the holiday period.

Winter Season SEO Strategies

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The holidays provide a short window, and you don’t want to wait too long to assess and retool your efforts. As SEO strategists focus on relevant keywords, optimization should not only include new content but revising existing content, too. Websites should maintain evergreen content for the holiday theme that your business can cash in on. You may also consider updating your pages’ title tags, paragraph headers and page creation timestamps.

After updating the content of your website, it is critical to measure your SEO campaign’s progress while it is unfolding. Use Google Analytics to accurately measure the success of your SEO campaign. Look at the progress of your organic traffic over at least the last quarter.

After you launch a campaign for the Christmas season, don’t forget to gauge your historical progress. Monitor if year-over-year organic traffic to your seasonal pages consistently increase. Then, make a comparison with the amount of traffic for the same time frame over the past few years.

Since SEO is a slow process, this will take time… years even. Start now. Even if it’s too late to expect a return on SEO this year, you can never start too early for next year.