The competition among bloggers is steep. Because of the speed of connecting with people and the instant gratification of social media, it becomes difficult to convince someone to sit down and read your content. But still, there are successful bloggers with large followings. So why aren’t more people reading your content?

Blogging Pitfalls

(Pixabay / Photo-Mix)

Here are some content marketing tips that could chase readers away or keep them from finding you in the first place:

  • A boring title – Readers often scan the list of results in a search engine and stop at the most intriguing entry. When readers see a ho-hum title, they will be more likely to pass it up. Add some flourish to your titles to appeal to readers.
  • “Un-findable” blog – You can’t expect people to read your blog just because it is there. Nobody will know your blog exists if you do not advertise it. Find ways to let people know that your blog is there for the reading.
  • Unappealing content – If you write your blog like an instruction manual, even you might not want to read it. High-quality, entertaining writing is essential for captivating an audience.
  • Lack of visual appeal – Quality content is invaluable, but it should be paired with enticing images. Don’t just slap content on the screen with nothing to spruce it up.
  • Too formal – Writing a blog that is too formal can put people off. Readers like approachable writers—not esoteric know-it-alls. Worry less about being eloquent than about writing in a clear, engaging manner.
  • Long blocks of writing – Lengthy paragraphs are sure to turn people off. Most readers will skim content rather than tracking it word by word. Break your posts up with bulleted text and subheadings.

Remember to start your entry with a high-interest lead. Blog readers may have a short attention span, but if they hook into something interesting right off the bat, they’ll be likely to stick around for more. And don’t forget to track your content marketing to gain further insight into how to scale your audience.