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Improving ranking in Google is a blogger’s dream. The following guides can help improve a blog’s search engine rankings:

Improve Blog SEO

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  • Optimize blog post titles – Your title serves as anchor text that will pull visitors in when they submit their query to search engines. Ensure that the keywords that you want to rank will be included in your title. Include narrow, targeted keywords in your blog title. Using carefully-selected, actionable keywords will significantly improve your rankings. Remember to keep your title tags around 50-60 characters, give or take.
  • Add keywords to posts and media – It’s important to include keywords in your content, but you don’t want it to read like you’ve crammed them in everywhere. Try using different synonyms in your post body to emphasize your topic without keyword stuffing. Search engines today are more intuitive than before, and they can identify when your content is larded with keywords.
  • Use internal linking – Cross-link pages of similar content to other related pages to emphasize the important context of your site.
  • Include guest blogging – Inviting a guest blogger from an authoritative site to contribute content will boost your ranking and visibility.
  • Comment on blogs – Commenting on relevant blogs may help you be seen. However, commenting on irrelevant or spammy blogs can get you flagged by Google.
  • Share on social media – More social shares may bring more referral traffic that translates into greater authority and higher rankings.
  • Repurpose content – You don’t want to spin the same blog post over and over. That’s likely to get you a Google Panda penalty. However, what you can do is repurpose your blog into other content types such as infographics and videos that are rank-worthy.

As long as you stay current on Google’s dos and don’ts and understand its algorithms, you can use blogging as a powerful tool to achieve higher rankings.