As an SEO company, we understand the importance of writing engaging and high-quality content. It’s a must. Content drives everything in your business. No content equals no traffic. And no traffic equals no sales. You get the idea.

Ideas to create content

No inspiration? No problem. We’ve prepared this list of 10 ideas to inspire the content creator in you.

1. Announce something from your business. Announcements or press releases may sound old-fashioned, yet effective. Announce that the company will offer new services or products. Or there will be new changes, improvements, freebies. This makes your prospects curious and your customers excited about what’s coming.

2. Share what you’ve learned. One of the qualities of an engaging post is when it resonates with your readers. It could be a similar experience, life lessons, wisdom, self-growth, etc. Share your struggle. How did you overcome? What have you realized? Nothing beats authenticity.

3. Case studies. Create an article, infographic, or video about your customers’ success. What happened to their businesses when they started using your brand? Others want to see real-life examples.

4. Solve a problem. Know some common issues about your industry? Make a post that helps others solve their version of that problem, too.

5. Use quotes. Elaborate on a quote from a renowned person in your industry. Share your opinion and add your personal touch. Quotes provide credibility and validate subjects.

6. Ask ideas for additional features. Asking your audience for feature requests helps you create content and gives you valuable feedback on how to better your product or service.

7. Follow trends. Know the latest reports, news, and hot stories in your industry and create a post out of it. Share your opinion or suggestions. No need to be a know-it-all. You can start by just asking questions, like “What do you think of the new iPhone?”

8. Repurpose content. Does Analytics imply that not all of your content is engaging? Understand why and what you can do to encourage engagement. Rewrite it with a different angle, depth, statistics, and twist.

9. Present a list. Be it websites, articles, tutorials, or videos, create lists to help your customers find other relevant or interesting information related to your industry.

10. Answer burning topics from social media. Is there a trending topic on social media that you could chime in on and write an article about? Then do so. But keep in mind, only write if the topic relates to your product or service. Don’t write about plumbing if your niche is photography.