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While the debate is still out, some consider social media optimization, or SMO, as an essential factor in search engine rankings.

Maximizing social media optimization

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There are two main search entities that social media needs to optimize for: Google search and the internal search engine of a particular social network. Optimizing either of the two search environments will provide value. But do they overlap and benefit each other?

You can make the most of your SMO efforts with the following ideas:

  • Integrate social sharing into your website – There are many advantages of building social sharing tools into the architecture of your site. You can include direct web links to the channels of your social media from your site. You can also connect social profiles back to your site by simply adding social media sharing buttons to your blog spots. Using WordPress? We like Elegant Themes’ Monarch plugin for boosting content sharing.
  • Thoroughness is key – A lot of people fail to complete social media profile information for their business which results in an unprofessional profile. Make sure to complete your profile information thoroughly, and make sure that all of your profile information is consistent across different social media accounts and your website.
  • Be selective – If you feel you can’t manage multiple social media accounts then don’t. Only create social profiles for networks that you’re confident you can actively attend to.
  • Align SEO keywords and social media – Effectively use your SEO keywords throughout your social media strategy. Craft your keywords in a non-spammy and natural way.
  • Be social – Constantly strive to interact with a broader audience on social media platforms.
  • Use branded cover images – Create a good first impression by conveying your brand in an appealing way.
  • Stay in control – Exercise control of your brand’s social media accounts. Never let any employee use a personal e-mail address to create or manage your social media accounts.

Social media has the potential of becoming one of your greatest asset as you strive to improve your online exposure.