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Continuously adding fresh content to your website helps it remain high on the SEO ranking ladder. To stay at the top, it’s important to keep generating informative content and indexable assets. However, we no longer live in a time when a few simple paragraphs are enough to stay ahead of the curve. Today, both users and search engines are looking for more.

SEO Content to Increase Rankings

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Consider the following types of SEO content to increase your rankings:

  • Infographics – Infographics are informative graphics such as charts and diagrams that are used to represent information or data. Infographics quickly tell a story in a visually creative manner. You can work with your design team to produce engaging images. If you don’t have a design team in place, do not despair. Consider online tools such as and Piktochart to crank out high-quality infographics. When you use infographics in your content, make sure to include image ALT tags to better suggest to search engines what the asset is about.
  • Videos – Not everybody wants to read long blocks of content. Some would rather get information from videos. With today’s busy pace of life, people often guard how they use their hours, and reading can eat up plenty of time. Instead of writing a lengthy how-to article on a certain topic, post a video in an “ask the expert” format. You may be surprised at how many people choose to digest video over text. Our video app of choice is Content Samurai.
  • Guest blogs – Posting engaging, relevant content on blogs will increase your status as an industry authority, leading to more social media attention. This can bring inbound links and even bonus traffic from social media.

Rather than just relying on text, including these different types of content can help secure big increases for your SEO rankings.