Content marketing focuses on the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract and retain your defined audience, with the end goal of driving them to take action. Some SEO specialists write content and decide later how to optimize it to influence search engine rankings. But there is a different approach that many SEO companies now use, which emphasizes crafting content with an end goal in mind. As you write content, you should have a desired result in mind, including content distribution and promotion strategies. This will help you to work as efficiently as possible.

Market Content from an SEO Perspective

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The following tips will help your content get noticed by search engines:

  • Inventory your assets – Before creating new content, determine what you already have. Perhaps you can repurpose current content rather than starting from scratch. Find out what has historically generated the most traffic or garnered the biggest reaction from social media. This will help you develop a strategy for creating future content.
  • Create a strong content marketing team – Content marketing is a group effort. A single person, no matter how good they are, cannot do it alone. The team should be composed of experts from different departments who can contribute to a common goal.
  • Start with a defined goal – The team should begin with an understanding of what they are supposed to accomplish. They must be briefed on the brand to be promoted, the story behind it, and the core values of the company that need to be communicated to the target audience.
  • Create relevant content – Do not generate content just to fill up space on the webpage. The content must be relevant to the product being promoted, answer questions, or provide information that will be useful to readers.
  • Play to your audience – The content is not about you, no matter how good you think your product or service is. It is for your audience. Create content that will involve your audience. This will help establish a personal connection between customers and your company.

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