Video content allows you to share information in engaging ways.  In fact, video is one of the most effective types of content that marketers use.  Failing to generate video content for your business could actually mean that you will fall behind the competition.

Many marketers are convinced of the value of video but are hesitant to use it because they don’t feel comfortable being on camera. However, there is no requirement that you be on screen in your videos.

Make Video Content for Your Business—Without Being on Camera

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Below are some tips to create better videos for your website without having to be on camera.

Customer testimonials

Tap into your customer base to find people who will share an on-camera testimonial about your product in a video. You can offer these customers rewards for their time and loyalty, including  freebies and discounts.


You can create slides about the product or service you are offering and put them together as a single video with a pre-written script or narration. You can use PowerPoint slides here or, if you are creative enough, you can design your own slides. Slideshow videos are usually effective communication tools in webinars.

Screen share videos

You don’t even need a camera to create this type of video. You can then record your voice and combine it with the screen recording. For increase engagement, you can add text overlays to highlight things on the original screen. This will make the video engaging and easier to follow.

Product reviews

To create this type of video, take shots of your products presented in a creative manner. Be sure to choose a background that will not distract from the focus of your video. To be effective, this type of video should last no more than two minutes.  If it drags on, you will lose the interest of your viewers.

POV videos

Point-of-view videos are becoming popular today because of the proliferation of GoPro cameras.  Attach the GoPro camera to your body or vehicle and start recording the area of interest as you are on the move.

Animated video

This is one of the most difficult types of video to create. You must be good at design and animation, or know someone who is, but you can expect a big audience for your video once it is finished.

Stock footage video

You can simply find stock footage video and add a recording of your narration to communicate important ideas.

Don’t let a little stage fright keep you from leveraging the power of video to improve your search engine rankings.