Video is a powerful medium, serving as a proving ground for your promotional campaigns. It can influence ideas and help your business drive a satisfying relationship between your brand and your audience.

Better Videos for Your Website

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Videos can be one of the most versatile tactics of content marketing. You can include anything from a 10-second video to a full-length documentary film to convey your message. Both long and short formats can be effective.

When it comes to presenting your content, your videos can be standalone statement pieces or serial conversations unfold over a period of time. You can present your video as the “entrée” of your content or utilize it as an “appetizer” before the main event.

Since videos can be viewed on a desktop or a mobile device, they can thrive on any platform. You can use them on your website, in blog posts or emails. You can incorporate them into your website, social media, or on third-party video sites.

Here are some tips for creating winning videos:

  • Choose the right type of video — Create a video that fits the intended platform. Video content should be different for social media platforms such as Facebook versus your website. For example, on your website you may include an intro in your video for credibility. On social media, cut the intro and get straight to the point. People have short attention spans so save them a few seconds of intro time.
  • Prioritize the process — Developing a good process for creating videos is as important as focusing on the quality of your output. Prioritizing the fine details of video-making, such as cinematography, effects, and good audio, will ensure that you will produce a high-quality product.
  • Craft catchy tags — Depending on the third-party site you load your video to, some users live or die on finding new videos by tags. Create video tags that will immediately catch the attention of your viewers.
  • Know your viewers — It is important that you understand your audience and their needs and interests. Based on this information, you can ensure that your video will appeal to your target audience.
  • Be real — Authenticity is key in resonating with your audience.

Videos, with their multi-sensory appeal, can allow you to reach customers in ways that few mediums can. Take the time and resources to execute them properly, and watch the results pay off in the form of increased traffic and, ultimately, conversions.