good seoOver the years SEO companies have seen search engines evolve, social media gain more traction, Google introduced penalties, and all sorts of other innovations online.  Search engine optimization companies that are on top of their game adapt their strategies, pivot their client’s campaigns, and grow their exposure.

Unfortunately, there seems to be one element that hasn’t changed.  Out of all of the evolutions in technology and ways for companies and brands to increase their online exposure, do you want to know what the biggest trend we see that stops paying clients from getting a return?  Themselves.

The best online marketing agencies are transparent.  Before they start any campaign they tell a client how their fulfillment model works and what level of participation from them we’ll need.  They let them know ahead of time about anything that they’ll need from them, how frequently they’ll need it, and confirm that they’re willing to contribute at that level.  They provide clients guides, pdfs, etc to to help the client help themselves. give.  They streamline their entire process so that if they will need approval on something down the road that the client knows when and where it will be coming from when that time arrives.

Before you start SEO

If you are considering SEO ask yourself these questions.

  • If a marketing agency were to build my brand awareness by submitting press releases each month, am I willing to provide an approved topic that they can write about?
  • If this agency is also willing to blog for me, can I take an hour once a month/quarter/year to thoroughly review and approve their suggested content calendar?
  • Am I willing to take the time to review shareable assets they create (infographics, videos, etc.)?
  • If I want regular updates and reports, am I willing to meet/call/conference with the agency to review these regular reports?
  • Am I willing to participate?

Good SEO requires your participation

There is a big difference between SEO and good SEO.  Mostly anyone can “build” backlinks.  Mostly anyone can create spammy blog comments, bookmarks and forum signatures.  But you deserve better than that.  You deserve quality content.  You deserve legitimate press.  Agencies that are willing to write frequent blog posts with original content and lengthy press releases to build your brand awareness usually just need your approval on what they’re writing about.  They’ll do the actual heavy lifting and do the copywriting from there.  Make the most out of it.