Blog marketing is an effective promotional tool, but you can’t rely on blogs alone to promote your products. No matter how useful blogs are, they have a limited reach and won’t find their way to all members of your target audience. Also, most people spend less than a minute average on a webpage, so you need to find ways to draw them in from the get-go. This is possible if you create a variety of content that will appeal to a broader audience.

How to Repurpose Content

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Each consumer has their own preference for what kind of content they like to engage with. However, you can repurpose the content into different formats to attract more eyes. Here are some ideas for making more out of your blogs by repurposing them:

  • Write your content and publish it — Before you can repurpose your content, you need to create it. Write your blog post, and once it’s done and published on your website, you can start using that information to create content in other formats.
  • Make a video out of your post — People enjoy watching videos, so if your content lends itself to this kind of medium, you should take advantage of it. Take the material you’ve already prepared and make a script out of it. Making a video should be relatively easy. If you’ve got a computer with a video and microphone, you can use that to film it. Just make sure that you have good lighting. Using natural daylight is more effective than fluorescent lighting. Also, make sure that the audio you are recording is good quality. Also, if possible, make sure you don’t have excessive background noise. Once you’re done, upload it to YouTube, and promote it on social media platforms.
  • Turn your post into a podcast — Podcasts are popular nowadays as people use them to pass along information and tell stories. If you feel confident in the sound of your voice, you can record a podcast yourself, using the information from your blog post. If you don’t think you can confidently share the information, you can hire someone else to record it for you. Podcasting can be an effective medium, especially if you use it for posts that follow the same themes.
  • Create a guide or a whitepaper — A common way to repurpose blog posts is to develop a whitepaper. Whitepapers are similar to blog posts, but they are designed to be downloaded as .pdf documents from your website. Whether you hire someone to create it for you, or you design it yourself, having a whitepaper provides formality to your content and allows consumers to use the information as a reference.
  • Create a slideshow — Try using SlideShare to make your slideshow shareable. Don’t forget to put your contact information somewhere, so they know where to get more quality content.
  • Create infographics Infographics have become a valuable marketing tool in recent years. They are an effective tool because they cater to consumers who look for something visually appealing to read or share with their friends. You can either make an infographic from scratch or use slides from your slideshow as standalone infographics.

While blog posts continue to be a leading method of communication for marketers, it’s essential to keep up with the demands of consumers. By repurposing your content to provide offerings in different mediums, you will be able to keep those who follow you engaged, while also finding other potential followers to interact with your content.