Infographics are good at engaging people because they provide more information than graphics and are more visually appealing than plain old information. Infographics illustrate information in a very clear, pithy format. They can show in one glance what it would take hundreds of complex phrases to illustrate and are an ideal medium for communicating with an online audience with a very limited attention span.

Why Infographics matters

(Pixabay / kreatikar)

Infographics are visually captivating because of their bright colors and charts. And because infographics are images, they can be shared and re-shared on different social media platforms, making infographics highly attractive for businesses that are promoting themselves through those channels. In fact, many people consider infographics to be the most influential way to create a strong social media presence.

Infographics are diverse and can be used internally in company presentations, newsletters, and posters, or can be distributed to customers as a way of reinforcing product value. Infographics can be used to increase website traffic or build quality backlinks to a site, generating word-of-mouth advertisement. To create a successful infographic, be sure to include the following elements:

  • A compelling topic that readers and bloggers alike will be willing to share
  • A strong visual layout
  • Well-researched, fact-checked data (with cited sources)

Spread the Word

Once you have created a winning infographic, make sure you spend the time broadcasting it on social media and distributing it to other online outlets. It would be a shame to build a stunning infographic that no one sees. Strategize the distribution of your infographics before starting the design process.