Even when an SEO company does everything required to improve your site’s search engine rankings, there are outside factors that can hurt the efforts. One major factor that impacts the work of an SEO company is your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management Influences SEO

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An SEO agency may write the highest quality content and incorporate the best online marketing techniques available. However, if you’re suffering from bad online reviews and poor customer service, it will be difficult to earn search engines’ trust.

Properly managing your online reputation will help your SEO company elevate your search engine ranking. Here are a few tips:

  • Reviews and testimonials – It is a standard practice among online shoppers to consult online reviews and testimonials from legitimate customers. A customer wants positive feedback from others who have tried the product. Products that receive plenty of positive reviews often sell the fastest. Having solid reviews and a positive testimonial page will benefit your conversions.
  • Social media – Social media is an effective tool for augmenting the reputation of an online business. Having outdated company information will be regarded as a red flag by many social media users, who may think that your company has shut down. Optimizing your social media account with correct company information will help improve your reputation.

Your business’ online reputation could hurt your SEO program. Be sure to manage it well, addressing any negative reviews when they show up to let current and potential customers know that you care and are willing to take steps to keep patrons satisfied. As you build a positive reputation, make sure that you are working with an equally responsible SEO company.