Choosing the right search engine optimization agency for your internet marketing needs can be a challenging process. It is not unheard of for a business to run through a few SEO companies before they find the right one for them.  That cycle can be time consuming and costly.  Here are a few tips to help you minimize wasted time and financial investment by maximizing the relationship with your SEO company.

Finding an SEO Company that Doesn't Suck

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A successful relationship with an SEO agency is based on a team mentality instead of a transactional mentality. A good relationship involves mutual effort on the part of both the you and the SEO company. It should be based on a common understanding, even if the two of you are coming from different backgrounds. Both parties must bring something to the relationship.

Some clients may complain that they have to play an active role in SEO even though they are paying an agency.  While this is understandable, no one knows your business better than you.  While the SEO company will do the heavy lifting, they will need to lean on you to know what topics to best exploit that your company excels at.  SEO is a collaborative effort.  What is the point in paying thousands of dollars if you don’t point the efforts in the right direction?

Work Toward a Common Goal

Don’t forget that you and your SEO company are pursuing the same goal—to grow your business and increase your revenue.  Work together to establish your goals from the outset, and decide how you can assist each other in reaching those goals. The SEO agency should do its part to improve rankings, streamline the structure of the website, and develop a social media presence.  You should do your part in keeping a pulse on the end-goal.  Meet together frequently to assess your progress toward your mutual goal.


Communication can facilitate a good relationship with your SEO company.  If you are unhappy with something, don’t let the frustration build up while you sit in silence.  Communicate your concerns calmly and professionally, and work together to generate solutions.  In addition to voicing your ideas and concerns, you should also be a good listener.  Be open to input from your chosen SEO agency.  What’s the point in paying a professional if you don’t want their professional opinion?  Treat your SEO company as part of your team, not simply as hired hands.

You and your SEO agency may come from varied backgrounds and have different thought processes, but by working well together, you can learn to capitalize on each other’s strengths and benefit your company’s bottom line.