Marketers must balance evergreen and real-time content to provide website visitors with important information that will accelerate website traffic, generates leads, and deliver revenue.

Evergreen Content vs Real-time Content

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In the past few years, marketers have focused on creating evergreen content; content that people will continue to visit for the foreseeable future. Marketers and SEO writers like evergreen content because it helps improve page rankings. Readers like content that matters because it provides answers to a question or teaches something that the visitor is looking for.

In trying to cater to search engines and connect with readers at the same time, it is necessary that you balance your content. Evergreen content keeps your website or blogs relevant for the long run. It supports your marketing campaign because you can break it into informative pieces to cover different channels and generate page views.

On the other hand, the freshness of real-time content can create more traffic in a short span of time, attracting fresh readers. Posting up-to-the-moment information shows that you are tuned into the world around you. Staying up to date with current events makes you relevant and ultimately captures the attention of your audience. Customers will keep coming back to your page, expecting new content with each visit.

Balancing your evergreen and real-time content presents strategically diverse page views and attracts a wide variety of visitors. Visitors who find your information both useful and interesting will share your content. They will also be more likely to engage with your website. The combination of the two types of content will result in effective long-term link bait and organic backlinks.