Today I had a great lunch with the e-commerce/merchandise buyer team with the Utah Jazz, our newest client at SEO National.  We started mapping out the content strategy for Utah Jazz’s “Team Store.”

Content strategizing with the Utah Jazz

We started by aligning player-specific topics with merchandise to push for the player.  I did some research ahead of time about questions that people are already asking search engines about popular Jazz players.  That way our team can build out content to be the answers for the in-demand questions; then transition into promoting merchandise for the player that the content is about.

Here is a small sampling of the type of questions that people ask search engines about Donovan Mitchell.  This is one example of what we’ll build content around to help the Utah Jazz answer questions for people, then convert them into buyers.

Donovan Mitchell jerseys

We also did the same thing for legacy players, like Karl Malone.  Surprisingly, a lot of people want to know how Karl Malone died.  What?!

Content strategizing with the Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz shirts

Utah Jazz jerseys


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