Most SEO experts agree that backlinks help increase your rankings. However, they’re not the only option. There are other ways of generating organic traffic, especially for websites that are just starting out and are not in a position to invest in backlinks.

Website Succeed Without Backlinks

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Here are a few ideas for ranking without backlinks:

  • Find your niche — Thousands of websites pop up each day. Be systematic in the way that you distinguish your website from others.
  • Create quality content — If your website has powerfully written content, you can do without as many backlinks. Great content speaks for itself and helps markedly with rankings, and will likely attract backlinks naturally.
  • Search for the perfect keywords — While it is highly improbable to find a zero-competition keyword, you can look for keywords with 100 to 200 searches per month. Claiming these low-volume keywords will enable you to stand out.
  • Be user-friendly — Nothing sends users running for another website faster than pop-ups, overwhelming graphics, or pages that load slower than a snail. Don’t fall into the trap of making your website so elaborate that it becomes difficult to understand and navigate.
  • Use an old domain — Finding an old domain to inhabit could help your rankings. Unfortunately, most old domains already have backlinks. Look for a domain that has been registered for at least a year. Use the old domain for several high-quality articles, and you might be surprised at how your rankings start to increase.

Backlinks are a great tool for improving rankings, but so are innovation and elbow grease.