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Consistency is a critical part of the long-term success of your content marketing strategy. You cannot be churning out great content in one month and then settle for unengaging, not-so-relevant content the following month. Your content should be predictably high-quality.

As you crank out content, make sure that you embrace variety.  Combine short-form and long-form content throughout the year to keep your readers riveted. Just because some of your long-form content has a broad readership, you should not expect that your users will be interested in redundant content formats all the time. Keep things interesting by varying your formats.

How to Generate Top-quality Content All Year Long

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You should also plan out your content topics well in advance.  One of the best ways to do this is to map out a content calendar. Prepare a content calendar of topics to cover at least one month in advance.  My personal preference… on year of topics in advance.  Lay out what you will write week-by-week.

Planning should not end with the calendar.  You’ll still want to pivot throughout the years as trends arise or your industry changes. Periodically re-visit your plan and make updates accordingly. Decide what is not working and eliminate it.

And finally, establish a review process.  Every piece of content would benefit from having an extra set of eyes on it.  Set up a vetting process that clearly delineates what happens to content after it is written and before it goes live. This may differ depending on the content.  For example, articles written about a certain topic can be reviewed by the department within your company that is most relevant to that topic.  Running a small or one-man show?  Ask a peer to review or use a professional freelance proofreader on Fiverr.

A little extra effort up front can help you generate content that is consistently first-rate.  And dependably good content can translate into long-term success for your business.