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Consistency is a critical part of the long-term success of your content marketing strategy. You cannot be churning out great content in one month and then settle for unengaging, not-so-relevant content the following month. Your content should be predictably high-quality.

As you crank out content, make sure that you embrace variety.  Combine short-form and long-form content throughout the year to keep your readers riveted. Just because some of your long-form content has a broad readership, you should not expect that your users will be interested in redundant content formats all the time. Keep things interesting by varying your formats.

How to Generate Top-quality Content All Year Long

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You should also plan out your content topics well in advance.  One of the best ways to do this is to map out a content calendar. Prepare a content calendar of topics to cover at least one month in advance.  My personal preference… on year of topics in advance.  Lay out what you will write week-by-week.

Planning should not end with the calendar.  You’ll still want to pivot throughout the years as trends arise or your industry changes. Periodically re-visit your plan and make updates accordingly. Decide what is not working and eliminate it.

And finally, establish a review process.  Every piece of content would benefit from having an extra set of eyes on it.  Set up a vetting process that clearly delineates what happens to content after it is written and before it goes live. This may differ depending on the content.  For example, articles written about a certain topic can be reviewed by the department within your company that is most relevant to that topic.  Running a small or one-man show?  Ask a peer to review or use a professional freelance proofreader on Fiverr.

A little extra effort up front can help you generate content that is consistently first-rate.  And dependably good content can translate into long-term success for your business.


Web traffic, leads and conversion rates can only be achieved through effective content marketing strategies. New blogs, new newsletters, and new social media followers will make the business have a fruitful online presence. However, this will require extra effort from your marketing people. This infographic will give tips on how you can create consistent content.

Tips for Consistent Content Creation [infographic]