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Workaholics Day is celebrated on July 5. You can find workaholics everywhere—including in SEO and internet marketing fields. In these industries, there is always more work to do, making it difficult to step away. Many leaders in the field work tirelessly to improve rankings and sales for their clients only to feel that they have made just a small dent.

Tips for Workaholics

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If you are attempting your online marketing on your own and you find yourself running on the workaholic treadmill, here are some tools that all major SEO companies use. Work smarter, not harder.

Google Keyword Planner – Want to know what words get searched for more than others? Google’s Keyword Planner can help. Google will provide you with helpful information and statistics about competition and search volume.
Google Analytics – This is a free web analytics service from Google. It tracks and reports website traffic and is currently the most widely used web analytics service.
Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools – These two sets of tools will give you increased insight into how search engines perceive your website. They will alert you issues that search engines may be experiencing while crawling your website.
Google PageSpeed Insights – This tool lends suggestion to make your website faster and more mobile-friendly.

At SEO National, we know it’s easy to get sucked into the workaholic vortex. Our Utah SEO company invites you to work efficiently with these helpful tools in order to free up more time and maintain a balanced lifestyle.