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This week has been quite the “two-fer.”  Earlier this week we posted about a client that had huge gains in a single calendar using white hat SEO.  We had another newer client due for their first quarterly review this week as well.  Their results included 21 keywords that increased in rank.

What is substantial is the level of competitiveness of those keywords.  This client already had a solid foundation of content, with hundreds of pages on unique products on their site.  We were able to format their SEO variables properly, improve on the content structure, etc. and take advantage of what great content they already had.  This lead to their traffic volume more than doubling within the first three months of their campaign with our SEO company.

Click on the image below to view the increase in their traffic from the most recent quarter compared to the previous quarter.  What is also amazing to see is that natural search traffic increased by 25% of their overall traffic volume.  This meant that their search traffic now makes up more of their traffic volume than referral traffic does.  This is a first for them, and has meant big business.

non-paid search traffic

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