Who said white hat SEO cannot bring quick results?  Below is one of SEO National’s more recent clients.  We’ll respect the client’s privacy and not reveal who they are.  We can tell you though that their business works in the telecommunications vertical, and that the keywords being targeted are short tail, competitive keywords.  The data below is from their first quarterly report and the increases are nothing short of spectacular.

white hat SEO

  • 378 previously un-found (page 10+) keywords are now within the top 10 pages
  • 381 keywords moved to page 1
  • 213 keywords moved to the top 3 positions
  • 106 keywords jumped directly to position 1 on page 1

The client services nationally, so we took the time over a few weeks to write new copy for their applicable regions.  It is sad to see other firms that write filler text for target locations.  The copy that was prepared was actually relevant to each location, and featured actual pricing information, features, etc. that were applicable to those regions.  What does that mean?  Text was written that actually served a purpose, not strictly for SEO fluff.

While the new page content was being developed, we started with a basic link building campaign to transition their site into building a solid backlink portfolio.  After the first 6 – 8 weeks of the new content being live and having a bit of time to start a lower volume link building effort, we increased the volume.  Not a lot, and not unnecessarily.

We work hard at SEO National to submit to valid link building resources.  There is no reason to go out and blast a client with 1000’s of backlinks a month… unless you want them to fail.  Be realistic about volumes.  And the volume that applies to one client may not apply to another.  A local plumber is not going to have that many people talking about them online as an international widget selling company.  So, why would you submit 1000 backlinks for both, when in reality the ratio should be closer to only 1 for the plumber for every 20 for the international company.

Having good, legitimate copywriting, and valid backlinks submitted to legitimate, diversified sources is a great solution to building a solid foundation for your campaign.