2012 SEOWhat a year 2012 has been. From “Panda” updates to “Penguins,” new search engine features, etc. there has been a lot of innovation in the search engine world this year. And, personally, we continue to top each year in growth, and continue to add new features to your SEO fulfillment and expanded services. Let’s recap 2012.


With another record year for growth under our belt, all of us at SEO National would like to thank you and all of our clients. We acquired a lot of new reporting features this year. That allowed us to elaborate on our tracking abilities to better proactively monitor and adjust campaigns. We also modified our fulfillment model and took the opportunity to document all of our processes to allow us to be fully scalable. This tremendous growth is due to exceptional client loyalty. Thank you for your continued business and referrals.

As for 2013, we have a lot in queue. We look forward to researching ever-growing reporting options, additional audit tools, and expanding our fulfillment to include social media. Earlier this year we began transitioning small social media related items into our fulfillment model, if they were relevant to SEO. We plan on growing this division of our operations to eventually offer full, in-house social media solutions. These solutions will go beyond what is only beneficial for SEO, and will include fulfillment that is focused on social media growth specifically. We are also growing our reputation management services, exploring dedicated press release fulfillment options for PR outside of SEO only, and will be reinvesting in the company to offer dedicated design services. 2012 was an exceptional year. We plan on making 2013 even more grand.


There was a lot of innovation across the major search engines this year. We’ve highlighted 2012’s more noteworthy news below.

  • Early 2012
    • Sitemaps added to Google Webmaster Tools
    • Google releases “Search Plus Your World”
    • Google releases newer Panda algorithm update
    • Permission features added to Webmaster Tools for verified owners
    • Webmaster Tools adds error reporting
  • Spring to Summer 2012
    • New audit fulfillment model released
    • Google releases Penguin algorithm update
    • Bing adds “disavow link” feature
    • Social Media data added to Analytics
    • Google adds status for pages indexed in Webmaster Tools
  • Fall 2012
    • Google moves +1 reporting in Webmaster Tools to Analytics
    • Exact Match Domain (EMD) algorithm update released by Google
    • Microsoft begins aggressive marketing campaign, promoting Bing over Google
    • Backlink volumes increased for clients
  • Winter 2012
    • Google follows Bing and adds disavow link feature
    • Google hammers down on scraped data sites
      • SEOmoz, RavenTools, and more all forfeit keywords API
    • Rumors circulate about Facebook and Google execs vying for Cabinet position
    • Google hits lowest usage on record in UK and China

What do you look forward to most about 2013?