Google has not only dropped to some of their lowest, if not the lowest, marketshare usage in China, but in the UK also. This is according to Experian. While this is pretty notable, it is by no means the downfall of Google. Especially when you consider that their drop in marketshare in the UK leaves them still less than one percent shy of 90%.

Experian reports that Google still provides 18x more searches for users than all other search engines combined. But an increase is an increase. Congrats to Yahoo and Microsoft for their increased usage. We welcome the diversification of search engines. Obviously, Google is still the gorilla in the room regarding the UK. According to Search Engine Land, that is not the case for other areas of the world.

In China, Google has continued to lose marketshare after packing up shop and no longer agreeing to censor search results. They now rank #4, behind Baidu, Qihoo 360, and Sogou. Baidu is actually the gorilla in the room regarding China, with a marketshare of nearly 73%. Not only is Google only #4 in China, but their actual marketshare is just over a matching figure, 4%.