There are several ways to do your part in caring for the environment. World Environment Day is a great opportunity for companies and individuals to evaluate their impact on the world and to consider ways to minimize the use of or to protect natural resources.

World Environment Day

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean you have to immerse yourself on “going green.” If you can go all-green, good for you. If it’s unrealistic for you at the moment, no worries. Caring for the environment can be done in different ways at different levels. The goal is to be mindful of how your daily activities as a business or person affects mother nature. Every little bit helps.

Here’s a list of habits that SEO National takes to do our part. Maybe some of our simple practices can inspire you or give your company ideas to be more environmentally friendly.

1. Go paperless.

We’ve fully embraced going paperless as much as possible. The days are few and far between that we have to print something. Not only have Post-it notes have been replaced with digital reminders but faxes have been replaced with e-faxes. The convenience of an e-fax is that as someone sends us a fax it is converted to a PDF and emailed to us as an attachment. With programs like PDFpenPRO, we can even digitally sign the fax and email or e-fax it back. This creates for completely paperless proposals, contract signings, etc.

2. Turn off the gas in the summer, completely.

Natural gas is, as the name implies, a natural resource. During the summer, there’s no need for heaters, obviously. However, when you run the warm water at the sink that’s using gas to heat the water heater to heat the water. I took the liberty to replace water heaters at Utah SEO National headquarters with electric water heaters. That means that during the summer we have no need for gas to heat the office and now we don’t need gas to heat the water supply. Every summer I call up the local gas company and completely shut off the gas, saving some natural resources a little at a time.

3. Energy efficient office lighting

As you can see by now, conserving resources and energy is the name of the game. However, the idea is far greater than conservation. Our Utah SEO company office is equipped with efficient, automated lighting options. For example, our lobby has a motion sensor that automatically turns on the lights as someone enters and turns them off after one minute of inactivity. This saves a lot on wasted lighting. Not a day goes by that you probably miss turning off a switch a time or two at home or the office. Not so for us anymore at SEO National.

Do you have other suggestions to help protect Mother Nature this World Environment Day?