They may not seem to belong in the same category, but SEO can be likened to a 401k plan.  Educating yourself on how to take advantage of your 401k to the fullest will be in your best interest. The same pertains to SEO.  You should stay informed about SEO and the newest changes in the industry in order to maximize ranking gains. Investing in the future is a no-brainer. The earlier you start, the brighter your future will look—for both SEO and your 401k.

It’s important to remember that with SEO, what works with one client may not work for others. The reason is that every industry or business has a different competitive makeup, which is similar to the varied market conditions in investing. This is why, like a 401k, diversification in SEO is important.

Why SEO is Like a 401k

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Everyone’s heard the term “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”  With a 401k you should diversify where your funds go to minimize risk.  Avoid focusing your investment on one industry, even if it is making a lot of money today. Things could change tomorrow, and once-thriving companies could go bankrupt, causing you to lose your shirt.

Likewise, avoid focusing your SEO efforts on just link building, or mass-producing content on a poor quality scale.  With a 401k, your investment portfolio should include large cap, small cap, bonds, cash on hand, and index funds. Your link building strategy should include multiple and diversified sources, too. Too much of one tactic could raise red flags that lead to penalties and lower rankings.

Financial advisors continually remind people not to delay participating in their 401k plan, even if they feel they can’t afford it. Due to compounding gains, anything you can deposit is better than nothing.  Time is the best guarantee that retirement goals will work, so the sooner employees start contributing, the better off they will be down the road. The same works for SEO where some website owners may feel that they cannot afford the expense.  However, the earlier they mobilize SEO, the sooner they can start collecting dividends.