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We live in a new and dynamic era when almost everybody carries a smartphone, which they use to snap pictures of anything that captures their fancy. The photos often end up on social media posts for all to see.

Images for Websites

(Pixabay / ptra)

The proliferation of cameras has given rise to the creation of content that is image-centered. Images provide the fastest way of creating an impression on people’s minds. They no longer have the patience to read blocks of texts; they would rather glance at an image and get an immediate answer to their question.

The use of visual content, such as images, videos, and infographics, provides instant gratification and generates stellar results.

Here are a few statistics that support the use of images in your web content:

  • Articles that contain images can get upwards of more than 90% more total views.
  • The inclusion of a photo or video in a press release may increase viewership by about 45%.
  • As much as 60% of consumers are likely to contact a business that includes images in the search results.
  • An estimated 70% of customers are impressed by products that carry high-quality images.
  • You can get upwards of a third more engagement on Facebook using images over text.

Here are just a few things that images can help you do:

  • Market your brand – You can better establish your brand through the use of visual content and your company logo. Customers will be far more likely to patronize your company when they have a clear picture of your product or brand.
  • Bolsters business objectives – Visuals draw people in. You can then link them to content in a way that supports your business goals. Visuals open up more opportunities for advancing your company.
  • Accelerate growth – If your sells are stagnant, images can help you tap into a new power. Many websites have seen their search engine results soar as a result of videos and infographics.

If you aren’t using visuals to promote your company, you’re missing a golden opportunity. Without visuals, many businesses will be left by the wayside.