At SEO National, we love the location of our headquarters. With the seasons changing, we like to remark on the beauty of our home state. Utah is not only a great place to go during winter, it is also a mecca for travellers looking for a beautiful and adventurous spring break vacation. While there are many spring highlights in Utah, consider the following standouts:

Utah Spring Splendor

(Pixabay / derwiki)

Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley features natural soft sandstone sculptures that resemble goblins. The rock formations in some areas are close to each other, creating an unearthly, maze-like playground resembling an alien planet. The landscape’s surreal appearance drew Hollywood here to film the movie “Galaxy Quest.” Goblin Valley is lovely in summer but not always comfortable for those who hate high temperatures. Explore it in spring for the best of all worlds.

Ghost Towns

Go hunting for ghost towns in Utah in spring. Though Colorado and Nevada are better known for their ghost towns, Utah has plenty, too. They aren’t usually crowded. In fact, you may find yourself alone on the premises (adding to the spookiness of your quest).

Bustling population centers turned to ghost towns when agricultural prospects dried up and gold and silver mines closed. Look for ghost towns in St. George, the Tintic Mining District, the canyons in Price and Helper, and the area below the Great Salt Lake.

National Parks

Utah has plenty of national parks across the state. They are wonderful to visit any time of the year but best in spring because of the comfortable weather. The national parks at Arches, Canyonlands and Zion have weather that is comparable to that of Paris in spring. Hiking in the national parks during spring is simply spectacular with endless picture-perfect views and trails.

Scenic Drives

For visitors to the state who are not fond of hiking, simply driving around can offer an exhilarating experience. The Alpine Loop in Utah County that is famous for colorful leaves during fall offers equally inspiring blossoms and greenery in spring. Pull over on the roadside and enjoy astounding panoramas against the soundtrack of babbling brooks of melting snow trailing down the mountains.

The beauty of Utah is that it doesn’t have a bad season. If you haven’t experienced Utah in spring, don’t miss out on its wonders.