There is more to a website’s design than aesthetics. Design not only makes a site visually pleasing but it also converts site visitors into customers. The conversion process depends largely on the effectiveness of the website design.

Design to Improve Conversion Rates

(Pixabay / StockSnap)

The following are some ideas for using design to increase a site’s conversion rates:

  • Simplify your design – Using a simplified and minimalistic design can help a call-to-action (“CTA”) button stand out. Otherwise, it could get lost in a mass of clutter.
  • Put the call to action in the content – Burying your call to action will hurt you. You should set the CTA button apart from other elements with color and design but position it above the fold and/or inside your content.
  • Guide visitors to the call-to-action button – Add directional cues to point visitors toward the CTA button. The directional arrows could ultimately influence a visitor’s conversion.
  • Ensure that your design is responsive – A responsive website design provides an optimal user experience regardless of the device they’re using so that you can convert visitors to customers.

Web designers should have a clear understanding of consumer psychology when creating a website. The design should complement the page content, so it is important that designers and SEO’s collaborate.