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Everyone loves Halloween. Who would not be excited to act like a kid for a day again, wearing and seeing amazing costumes, and watching out for surprises?  Like everyone else, SEO National takes Halloween very seriously.  Here’s our top 5 office related costumes.

5 – Nerd

What would a top 5 nerd costume list be without, well, a nerd?  It’s the return of the nerd!

Reveal your invincible, all-knowing, and geeky side.  With funky accessories, you will shed you sex appeal effortlessly as you appear in your un-adulterated and fantasy-enamored persona.


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4 – Computer

You can be a computer.  Why not?  It is not hard.  The best part is that you can use computer pickup lines to highlight your character.  Here are some hilarious lines.

  • Is your name Google?  Because you have everything I’ve been searching for?
  • Is your name Wi-fi?  Because I’m really feeling a connection.
  • You’ve stolen the ASCII to my heart.
  • Are you a computer keyboard? Because you’re my type.
  • Isn’t your e-mail address

A quick image search on Google will give you plenty of ideas.

computer costumes

3 – The Boss

Everyone likes to be the boss, so dressing up like a corporate executive is always a favorite.  Plus, you do not need to worry much about costume details.  All you need is some stuffy clothes and an attitude?  Am I right?


2 – Milton from Office Space

Milton is the funny and sympathetic character in the movie Office Space.  His biggest concern in his working life is his ownership of a stapler.  The now cult-like character has become a costume favorite among offices.  His attire and general features are very distinctive and recognizable.  A comb-over hairdo, large glasses, disturbing mustache and a red stapler is all you need to reflect this iconic character.

Milton costume

1 – Bill Lumbergh from Office Space

A caricature of corporate management, Lumbergh is the division Vice President of the software company Initech.  Bill Lumbergh has a strong and dominating personality.  With a dash of vanity, on top of his faux pas attire, he is indeed a very comical antagonist.  Here are some important highlights to make sure you nail Bill Lumbergh.

  • He drives a blue Porsche 911 SC with a vanity license plate “MY PRSHE”
  • He wears a two-tone shirt with French cuffs,
  • He has suspenders and a belt buckle for his dress pants
  • He always carries with him his mug

Bill Lumbergh costume