If you are a blogger who needs to generate new content on a regular basis, you may find yourself coming up empty from time to time. Writer’s block is a normal phenomenon among bloggers and other types of writers and can be exacerbated when you are nearing your deadline.

Tips to Generate Blog Ideas

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Fortunately, writer’s block is not an insurmountable obstacle.  To keep fresh blog ideas flowing, here are some tips:

  • Check the news – Writing a blog on current events will capture the interest of your readers. There is news every day. Read it, find angles that are relevant to your company, and pen your article.  Don’t simply regurgitate news content, but rather put your own personalized spin on it. If you are writing about what goes on every day in the world around you, you will never run out of content for your blogs.
  • Repurpose old blogs – You can recycle your old blog posts and inject fresh ideas based on current conditions or needs of the times. When you repurpose old blogs, you will spare yourself from the difficulty of generating new ideas. Go over your past blogs and find ones that are still relevant today. There are various ways of reusing old blogs. You can update an old post written some years back, incorporating new information that is relevant to what is going on today. Another option is to write a sequel to a previous blog. If you have penned many blogs in the past, you have a goldmine of ideas ready to be developed.
  • Keep an eye on the competition – You always have competitors in social media. Check out what they are writing about. We are not suggesting that you copy their ideas, but you can draw inspiration from their thoughts that will likely trigger your own innovative perspectives.
  • Talk to other people – Talking to other people about popular topics will give you plenty of ideas to write about. Remember that you see the world from your own viewpoint. Getting out of your “bubble” will help you broaden your vistas and generate creative ideas to write about.

If you know what resources to consult, you will never run out of material for your blogs.  Better yet, come up with a content calendar and you’ll be set with topics for the foreseeable future.


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4 Ideas to Generate Good Blog Content [infographic]