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Blogs are a powerful tool for inbound marketing. However, finding the balance between quality and quantity can be tricky. The following ideas can help you optimize your blog for generating traffic and leads while maintaining quality as you aim for quantity:

Optimizing Blog

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  • Pinpoint customers’ needs – One way to drive traffic and convert leads is to use your blog to help address your customers’ needs. If you are selling running shoes, you can blog about how runners can take care of their shoes and feet before and after a running event. Discuss real-life issues for runners, and provide solutions based on runners’ experiences.
  • Open with a story – You might have noticed that great public speakers often start their discourses with anecdotes. One sure fire way to grab readers’ attention is to kick off your blog posts with interesting stories.
  • Start with an image – Like a good story, an image provides a stimulating hook for a blog post, inviting potential customers to stick around and read.
  • Use subheadings – Not everybody will read the entire content of your blog post; many will skim it. Subheadings will help break up text, making it more palatable to people in a hurry.
  • Increase site speed – Customers are quick to abandon slow-loading sites. Nobody wants to wait forever to read a blog post. Almost half of consumers expect webpages to load in two seconds or less.
  • Leverage your CTAs – For your blog’s conversion rates to go up, you need to optimize your calls-to-action. You can employ any of the classic CTA strategies for optimal success: text-based in-line CTAs, sidebar CTAs, end-of-post CTAs, and slide-in CTAs.

To make your blog posts effective marketing tools, make sure to include smart strategies to optimize them.