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Valentine’s Day has become a huge shopping day for retailers to cash in on.  After all, what better way to express appreciation and gratitude to your loved ones than by gifting them something that they love? Even people who are not in a relationship use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy something for themselves.

Valentine’s Day

As an online retailer, Valentine’s Day should be on your radar. Plan ahead and make sure that people know what you have to offer and you’ll be sure to take your share of the Valentine’s Day retail windfall.  Here are some tips to increase your website traffic and revenues during Valentine’s Day (or any holiday for that matter).

Start early.

Start planning your Valentine’s Day sale months ahead, and start promoting your products 3-4 weeks before the actual event.

Use social media and PPC.

Social media and PPC advertising are effective tools to use for informing your potential buyers of your products and services. Stay away from boring ads and think of ways to stand out. Make your posts and advertisements interactive and fun to beat the competition.

Email your customers.

Reminding people who have already bought from your is an easy sell.  The already know what you offer, and they’ve already trusted you at least once before.  Encourage them to come back with a regular newsletter.

Optimize your website.

Search engine optimization (“SEO”) is a great way for websites to drive in free business.  How does search engine optimization work?  SEO consists of making your website easy for search engines to find and digest, which leads to you showing up at the top of search results.  If your website is optimized for words that people will be searching for on Valentine’s Day, then you’re sure to cash in. Getting to the first page of Google may be difficult on your own, but we can help.  Start by downloading your free SEO website report today.