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Earlier this year we wrote about how Super Bowl 2015’s advertising cost of $4.5 million was a doozy, but not to be surprised if the following year increases even more.  Looks like our prediction in our post earlier this year about Super Bowl advertising rates came to fruition.  CNN Money reports that a 30 second commercial during Super Bowl 2016 is to cost $5,000,000.  What?!

CNN Money writes that the record-setting has good reason to ask for more money.  Super Bowl 2016 ads will also be streamed to online viewers, making the viewing audience that much bigger for advertisers.

Super Bowl advertising

As mentioned in our previous post, there’s good reason for companies with deep pockets to consider advertising during the Super Bowl.

  • Unmatched viewing audience numbers
  • More engaged viewers
  • Happier viewers, which means they’re more inclined to purchase
  • Improved brand credibility for advertising during such a respected event

It will be interesting to see who forks over the cash for a full one minute spot.  Got $10,000,000, anyone?