Increase your SEO visibility by improving your image optimization.

In this video we walk through:

  • Why change images from png to jpg
    • jpg files are lighter than pngs (unless transparency is needed)
  • How to find and why to scale images
    • Three images were originally sized at 1200×1800 but only displayed around 399×416. So your customers’ browsers would have to load an image 4x larger than needed just to shrink it back down.  So we scaled the images to the actual display size.
  • Compressing images to reduces file size
    • There is hidden data on images. By removing it via compression it reduces file size.
  • Rename images for search engine readability

image compression

    • You can see from the screenshot above that the jpg images have search engine friendly names.  We did this by changing image names form things like “Mosiac_right_1200x.jpg” to “stop-bed-wetting.jpg”
  • Adding image alts
    • Image alts are hidden text descriptions for search engines and the visually impaired.

image alts SEO