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Over the last year, Google has continued to increase transparency for webmasters across their various platforms. First, there was an increase in shared data across Analytics and Webmaster tools. Now, your Pay Per Click campaign can show you keyword suggestions based on terms that you may be getting natural traffic from. This is a great feature for those of you that are well in tune with your PPC campaign. Here is a list of ways that you can use the new feature to enhance your PPC’s performance.

  • Discover additional keywords. Use the report to discover potential keywords to add to your AdWords accounts by looking for queries where you only appear in organic search with no associated ads.
  • Optimize presence on high value queries. Use the report to improve your presence in paid results and monitor your high value queries for organic results.
  • Measure changes holistically. As you test website improvements or AdWords changes to bids, budgets, or keywords, you can more easily report the impact across paid, organic, and combined traffic.

This is an easy way to find long-tail terms that may not bring enough ROI to target with SEO, but could be worth targeting via cheap PPC bids. Once you know that information, you could double-down on your search exposure. Below is a screenshot that Google displayed on their blog showcasing what type of data the new feature displays.

PPC and organic

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