Do you want to increase your website traffic by up to 1,200%? What does that mean in dollars? Let’s do the math.

This screenshot is a real client showing that in one year of SEO their traffic went from an average of 10 visitors a day to 150. The biggest chunk (85% of all of their traffic) comes from organic (FREE!) visitors from search engines.

increase traffic

85% of 150 visits per day is 128 organic visitors

They’re in a service-based industry. If they were paying for ads instead of embracing organic traffic from search engines, the cost would be an average of $12 per click.
$12/click X 128/day = $1,536/day X 30 days/month = $46,080/month

…instead, they pay only $3k/month for my team to do all the hard work while they take the other $43,080 to the bank, effectively saving 93% of the hypothetical marketing budget.  Not to mention the profit from the actual conversions from the more targeted traffic, which is significantly more than the $43k budget savings.

My team does the website optimization, content strategizing, content production, distribution of the optimized content, and working for a limitless opportunity of getting seen in search engines.

SEO builds your website, an asset YOU OWN, instead of you always buying traffic with paid ads from channels you don’t own… and never will