To maximize your online exposure our SEO company regularly sends out business articles and optimized press releases.  To ensure timely distribution of your articles, it is up to the client to send them on their regularly scheduled frequency.  To help our marketing clients with the writing process of an article we have listed some tips below to follow when drafting your news.

  • Articles should contain at least five paragraphs of content
    (more is encouraged if available, but don’t stretch it out for no specific reason)
  • Each paragraph should contain at least three sentences of content
    (more is encouraged if available, but don’t stretch it out for no specific reason)
  • Do not worry about focusing on SEO keywords within the article.  We will optimize the article accordingly once we receive the draft from you.

Some ideas for article topics may include the following.

  • Functions that your product/service fulfill
  • “How-to” articles about your industry
  • “Do it yourself” articles that are relevant to your business vertical
  • News about your company’s industry (not your company)
  • Changes in your industry
  • Tips and tricks

Formatting your article’s paragraphs

First Paragraph: Use the first paragraph of your article to summarize what you will be sharing within your article.  Start with an introduction of who you or your company is, why you are an authority on the topic and maybe include a statistic, if available, about the topic.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph is a good opportunity to validate the topic and you being an authority of the topic by providing a quote, or a testimonial.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph can pick up from where the first paragraph left off.  You can continue talking about the topic and add some references, credibility, etc. to support your statements about the topic.

Fourth Paragraph: Quotes and testimonials add a lot of power to an article.  Add another quote or testimonial here.

Final Paragraph: Summarize everything that has been discussed in the previous paragraphs and wrap up with some information about you or your company again.  Include a way for readers to contact you for more information about your article.