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Businesses big and small can focus their efforts on promoting their brands with each new special occasion. This Halloween, companies will try their best to capitalize on the excitement of the holiday to sell more of their products.

Scary SEO Mistakes

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Though the mood is scary as Halloween nears, there’s no need to plunge into the dark world of unprofitability. To keep your business going strong, you should avoid certain SEO mistakes. If your sales are sagging, watch for these potential issues.

  • Your website is not optimized for mobile devices – Failing to optimize your site for mobile use is a death sentence for many industries. Google reported in 2016 that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic. A site that is not optimized for mobile use loses out on this broad swath of users. If you want to rank well, get mobile friendly.
  • Your website lacks content – Content is king in every successful SEO campaign. Users will not stay on your site without content that matters. Remember that users are always looking for information or answer to their questions. They will jump ship if they can’t find anything relevant or helpful.
  • You targeted the wrong keywordsKeyword research helps you determine the words and phrases that people will associate with your business. The use of generic and irrelevant keywords is a big mistake that will waste your time.
  • You overuse keywords – Too much of anything can be bad—including keywords. Putting too many keywords on your site will drive users away because your content will feel disingenuous and contrived. Google’s Panda algorithm will also penalize you for it.
  • Your website is slowSite speed can influence search engine rankings and attract or repel potential customers. Check your site’s load time using a page speed tool. Talk to your developer to speed up the loading process.

This Halloween, spare your website from scary or near-death situations by avoiding mistakes that could hurt your site rankings and, ultimately, your bottom line.