Ok, ok. So we’ve been beating you up about Press Releases (“PR’s”) lately. It’s for the collective good though. :) Here’s why. As search engines regularly update their algorithms to determine how what sites rank where, the value of SEO variables can change. In addition to regular, on-page optimization, and ongoing link building, did you know that search engines also like to see others talking about how awesome your site is? That’s where PR’s come in. Not only do we submit PR’s to various outlets, but can often take and reuse a lot of the valuable content in them to draft articles as well. We can then distribute even more content to more resources. This can benefit your co-citation.

What is co-citation? Co-citation is a variable that can contribute to the overall success of your rankings. Co-citation is basically the aura that 3rd part sites give off regarding your site. If other sites talk about your site, describe it, write about it, feature it, rate it, etc. than it puts off an aura to search engines and “co-cites” you. It gives signals to search engines what your site is about. And, if the site that is co-citing you is of high quality, than the co-citation may carry more value over a lesser quality site. Most of you know a bit about SEO, and, from a high-level, a lot of it consists of various parts of two elements; on-page optimization and backlinks. By continually building your co-citations too, you have a well-rounded portfolio of signals and variables to tell search engines to rank your site positively.

The more PR drafts you send = the more we can distribute = better SEO opportunities for you.