Vision is probably one of the senses that we most take for granted.  Especially for web designers, search engine optimization experts, and others that work at a computer all day.  For you, vision can degenerate at a faster rate.  However, there are ways to minimize degeneration of the eyes by practicing safe work habits.

eye strain

  1. Sit at arm’s length away from your monitor. Sitting too close is a main trigger for eye strain.  If your monitor is larger, sit further back.
  2. Tilt the monitor up a little. This will allow you to see the whole screen more clearly.
  3. Avoid positioning your monitor where the light will reflect on your monitor.  By reducing glare you will reduce eye strain.
  4. If glare is unavoidable, consider using an anti-glare monitor.
  5. Rest your eyes by closing them for a few minutes after every few hours of work.
  6. Switch up your eye’s color stimulation by looking away from a monitor to look at a “cool” color, like green.
  7. Toss in some eye drops if your eyes are feeling dry.