Like many other desk jobs, working on search engine optimization in an office all days often leaves you with a sedentary lifestyle. When you return home, you can be left feeling exhausted yet you are not really doing any physical labor at work. According to research, sitting all day can be a major contributor to heart diseases, diabetes and obesity.  There’s no need to look silly with jumping jacks in the middle of the hallway, but hoin us and get in a little office workout to break up the sedentary desk positions.


To stretch your wrists, you can simply sit back on your chair and extend your arm in front of you with your palms facing front. Use your other hand to grab the fingers and pull it gently towards your direction. Keep it like that for 20-30 seconds and proceed with the other arm.

hand stretch

To stretch your lower back, just sit straight and keep your back relaxed. Slowly turn your whole upper body to the left as much as you can and use your right hand to hold the position. Stay in position for 20 to 30 seconds and proceed to turn to the right side.

Lower Body Exercises

Sitting all day can restrict circulation.  To keep blood flowing in your lower body, you can perform simple exercises by lifting your knees while your back is kept straight and relaxed. Hold it to 2 seconds before releasing and proceed with the other knee. You can repeat the procedure a dozen times or so. If you want to exercise your inner thigh, just put a roll of paper towels or a water bottle between your knees and try to squeeze it. Hold it for 2 seconds and repeat.

Upper Body Exercises

For your upper body exercise, get a water bottle and fill it up. You will use this as your weights. Hold the water bottle with your two hands and lift it so that it is in front of you, pausing for a second. Next, lift it above your head, keeping your arms straight and pausing for a second and bring it back to your lap. Repeat.

These exercises are easy to perform and do not draw any unwanted attention from your co-workers. You can perform this during quick breaks or every 2-3 hours to keep circulation flowing and your health intact.