As we begin another year, businesses must continue to fine-tune their SEO techniques and strategies in order to enhance financial growth. Most companies have taken their businesses online, but just having an Internet presence won’t give you a leg up anymore. Online competition is stiffer than ever, so you must take measures to make your website stand out.

New Year, New SEO Strategy

(Pixabay / FirmBee)

Here are some of the new SEO strategies that your business can adopt this year:

  • Repurpose your content – You don’t have to write new blogs all the time. You can go back to your old posts, update them, and publish them again. Updating your posts will streamline your content, which will result in more organic traffic.
  • Speed up your site – Having fast-loading pages will give your company an edge. Online users do not have the patience to wait out a lengthy loading process. Even an extra second can be enough to chase customers away. You can make your website load faster by eliminating unnecessary information and high resolution images that bog it down.
  • Target your keywords more accurately – Descriptive long-tail keywords will help your website rank higher. Find out what the customers are looking for, and speak to their needs through your long-tail keywords.
  • Https is a must – If you haven’t done so already, switch your site from “http” to “https.” Users will feel more confident browsing your pages and ordering products when they know they have a secured connection.
  • Go responsive – If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re behind the curve. Gone are the days when people searched using their desktop only. More people are searching on mobile devices instead. Don’t chase these users away by having a non-mobile-friendly site.

Customers are in the market for new beginnings in January.  Freshen up your website for greater appeal.