You have a new website design in mind and realize you have to add content into it to tell people about you.  You think content will be easy… until you start.  You quickly realize how overwhelming it is to write a company bio.  Even worse, how do you come up with ideas to blog about every week?

Even if you start with limited ideas on what to talk about on your website, you can still create solid content that will result in killer sales and  top search engine rankings.  Here are a few tips to coming up with ideas to write content for your website.

New Website? Don’t Let Content Creation Overwhelm You

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Know the end goal

Before you start writing, you need to sit down and figure out exactly what you want your website to accomplish.  The success of the website must go beyond pretty images and meaningful words. It must be able to support what your company needs to succeed.  Write down your goals and align your content ideas with those goals.

Look around

You can’t always make something out of nothing.  Sometimes you need inspiration or a starting point.  A good starting point is to gather information about your competitors and the industry as a whole.  Review product and service descriptions and keep tabs on their marketing efforts.  Armed with these materials, you will be well-equipped to start creating top-quality content.

Look at the bigger picture

Your job is to connect with your customers by translating your thoughts into engaging content.  Once you understand what customers want to hear then you can translate how you want to say it from mind-too-page.

Get a second opinion

After you’ve created a list of potential topics, let someone else examine your content ideas.  Be open to criticism and willing to take suggestions.  After all, the goal isn’t to be right—it’s to create content that will resonate with your customers.