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SEO is not necessarily “better” than PPC, or vice versa. In fact, they both have their strengths and should compliment each other more-so than be a choice between the two. Many business run both, as they should. However, have you considered which of the two bring you the best return on your investment? For many businesses it is beneficial to run both, but make sure you spend your dollars wisely. Another recent article from SEW suggests that “(Companies) invest 88% of their SEM (Search Engine Marketing) budget on PPC” but that only brings them 6% of their click through rates. While a budget of only 12% towards SEO attracts an average of 94% of a site’s click through rate.

SEO is a unique method of marketing. An SEO campaign that is groomed and grown over time can bring a longer lasting, more stable, and more profitable return than PPC. And as SEW’s percentages point out, at approximately 1/7th of the cost. For many, PPC is strongly encouraged to compliment an SEO campaign. Just make sure you are applying your budget properly as to balance the two so you can get the best bang for your buck.